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Drinking is a part of our society. However, drinking too much alcohol can have serious effects on your health. In the short term, alcohol can cloud your judgement and your capacity to make smart decisions. In the long term, it can have serious health effects such as liver disease, ulcers and heart diseases.

Drinking is a personal choice. If you choose to drink, these guidelines can help you decide when, where, why and how.

Guideline 1  -   Your Limits 


0-2 standard drinks per day
No more than 10 standard drinks per week
0–3 standard drinks per day
No more than 15 standard drinks per week
Plan non-drinking days every week to avoid developing a habit.






Guideline 2  -  For Special Occasions


No more than 3 drinks in one day
No more than 4 drinks in one day

Guideline 3  -  When ZERO is the Limit

Do not drink when you are:

  • Operating any kind of vehicle, tools or machinery
  • Using medications or other drugs that interact with alcohol
  • Engaging in sports or other potentially dangerous physical activities
  • Working
  • Making important decisions
  • Pregnant or planning to be pregnant
  • About to breastfeed
  • Responsible for the care or supervision of others
  • Suffering from serious physical illness, mental illness or alcohol dependence

You should never mix alcohol and medication. Many prescriptions and even some over-the-counter medication can have serious side effects if taken with alcohol. Always read the labels on medications, talk to the pharmacist or visit your family doctor.

Note: Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines are not intended to encourage people who choose to abstain (for cultural, spiritual or other reasons) to drink, nor are they intended to encourage people to start drinking to achieve health benefits. People of low body weight or who are not accustomed to alcohol are advised to consume below the maximum limits.

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If you are hosting a party

Alcohol (Healthful)

Plan Your Party... Why Take Risks (Healthful)

Eastern Ontario Addiction Services:
1 800 272-1937 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Info Line:
1 800 565-8603

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health:
1 888 441-2892
1 800 463-6273

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Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment

Home Bartending Challenge

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