Inspection Reports and Advisories

Inspection Reports
Alerts and Recalls

Inspection Reports

The EOHU is committed to working with our community to protect and promote the health of our residents. As part of our mandate under the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, we conduct inspections of premises in the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, and Prescott-Russell. We conduct a combination of routine and complaint-driven inspections, investigations and enforcement activities towards our goal of addressing community health hazards.

The following inspection reports are available online:

Food Premises 
Infection Control Investigations (investigations of confirmed breaches in infection prevention and control practices)
Licensed Child Care Centres 
Personal Service Settings (hair salons, aesthetics parlours, body piercing and tattoo parlours, etc.)
Recreational Camps Coming soon
Recreational Water Facilities (public pools, spas and splash pads)
Small Drinking Water Systems
Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Retailer Convictions 

Please note: If you’re looking for an inspection report that is 2 years or older or not yet available on this website, or for a report of a premises that is no longer in business, please fill out a request form. The form is available for download here or at the EOHU office nearest you. You must fill one form per premises.


Advisories are issued when there is a public health concern about the safety of a drinking water supply, or about the recreational water at public beaches in our region.

Drinking Water Advisories
High Sodium Levels in Drinking Water System Advisories
Public Beach Water Advisories

Alerts and Recalls

Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts
Product Recalls and Safety Alerts

For more information, or if you have any questions about an inspection report or advisory, please contact the EOHU at 613-933-1375 or at 1-800-267-7120.