If You Fall

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you fell? Here are some guidelines about the steps to take after a fall.

  • The first thing to do is to check and see if you are hurt.
  • If you are ok, take your time and get up slowly.
  • Lie on your side and bend one leg and lift yourself up onto your elbows or hands.
  • Pull yourself to a chair or sturdy furniture or object, then go on your knees and place both hands on the chair or the object.
  • Place your stronger leg in front, while still holding on to the chair or object.
  • Stand up slowly.
  • Turn around slowly and sit down.
  • Remain calm.

If you can’t get up...

  • Yell for help.
  • If you are alone and you have a phone close by, call 911.
  • If your phone is out of reach, try to slide yourself to it.
  • In the meantime, make some noise with your cane or another object to get the attention of someone.
  • Get yourself in a position where you would be more comfortable and wait for help to arrive.
  • If you are able to, get a pillow and/or a blanket to put under your head and cover yourself if possible.
  • If you can, move your joints regularly to facilitate circulation.

** After your fall, make sure to see a doctor. You might have injured yourself even if you don’t feel pain.

Also check why you fell. Did you trip over something or feel dizzy just before? Tell your doctor all the details of your fall. You might have felt dizzy because of your medication or it might be a sign of an illness. If you tripped over something, it might mean that you need to make changes in your home to make it easier for you.

You may also want to look into safety/emergency buttons that you can wear. Once pressed, these buttons reach out to a family member or emergency services for help.

 The content in the sections above was adapted from:

  • Public Health Agency of Canada/The Safe Living Guide
  • Stand Up! Falls Prevention Program, Champlain LHIN