Child Care Centres - Bed Bugs Checklist

Here is a checklist to help you prevent an infestation at your centre.

General prevention:

  • Ensure all staff can identify bed bugs and the signs of infestation.
  • Increase parent`s awareness regarding bed bugs.
  • Ensure children have individual cubbies for their personal items.
  • Ensure personal blankets are stored in their personal cubby and not in the cots.
  • Ensure floors are swept and cleaned daily.
  • Ensure carpets are vacuumed daily.

If a child attending your center is infested with bed bugs at home:

  • Do not exclude child from program.
  • Check the child`s clothing, backpack, and other personal item daily for signs of bed bugs as the child enters the facility.
  • Ask families not to send blankets or stuffed animals with their children, if possible.
  • If sending personal item is necessary, items should be placed in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Store the child’s coats, clothing or other personal items in an individual locker or cubby away from others. Use sealed plastic bags or containers for extra clothing, bedding, or other cloth items.
  • Store the child’s cot separately. Inspect and wash daily. Do not leave the child’s blanket in the cot during storage unless in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Vacuum the child`s cubby daily. Dispose of vacuum bags/waste in an outside garbage container immediately after vacuuming.

If a bedbug is found on the child’s clothes or bag:

  • Put the bug in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer until proper identification.
  • Change the child into clean clothes.
  • Isolate the infested clothing, item, or bag in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Inspect other personal items for bed bugs.
  • Let the child’s parent know.

If bedbugs are found in the child care center:

  • Contact a licensed, professional exterminator for treatment and follow their instruction.
  • Remove toys that have cracks and crevices to facilitate cleaning and reduce harbouring.
  • Heat treat the plush toys and blankets daily for 20 minutes in the dryer until the infestation is over.
  • Report to all parents only if the child care center is infested.

Some of the information above was adapted from “Bed Bug Guide for Licensed Child Care Facilities” by the Province of Manitoba.