Infection Prevention and Control Resources for Schools and Child Care Facilities

General Resources


  • How to Put on and Take Off a Medical Mask and Eye Protection
  • How to reuse an N95 mask:
    • If reusing masks, staff must remove their mask by the ties or elastics and ensure not to touch the front of the mask. Once removed, staff should carefully store the mask in a clean dry area and avoid contamination of the inner surface of the mask. They should perform hand hygiene before and after mask removal as well as before putting the mask on again.
    • Masks can be stored between periods of use in a closed, breathable container such as a paper bag (e.g., not plastic bags). Storage should not be for more than one day at a time. Staff should clearly label their container with their name. They should inspect the mask prior to each use to ensure that it does not need to be disposed of (e.g., visibly soiled or wet). Staff should carefully handle the mask and perform proper hand hygiene before and after donning the mask. Bags/container should be disposed of after storage.
  • Putting on Flatfold N95 Respirator (Public Health Ontario)
  • Taking off Flatfold N95 Respirator (Public Health Ontario)
  • Putting on Cone N95 Respirator (Public Health Ontario)
  • Taking off Cone N95 Respirator (Public Health Ontario)
  • How to Wear and Remove an N95 Mask

Hand Hygiene

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