Drinking Water Advisories – Resources

Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s water emergency website for owners and operating authorities of municipal and non-municipal drinking water systems. This website has been designed to assist with timely and consistent public communications during a drinking water emergency.

Templates are provided for each type of water advisory to assist owners and operating authorities of drinking water systems during a water emergency. In the event of a water advisory, you can download the templates and adapt/modify them according to your needs. You can use the templates to prepare a public notice, poster/sign, press release, email, web content or any other material you require.  Please note that the areas in grey are fields that need to be replaced with the information specific to your advisory.

A drinking water advisory can be issued by the:

  • Owner or operating authority of the drinking water system (municipal or non-municipal)
  • Eastern Ontario Health Unit

NOTE: No matter who issues a drinking water advisory, it is the responsibility of the owner of the drinking water system to advise its users (including other communities that receive water from the affected water system) about actions to be taken. However, the health unit is available to assist with this task.

A drinking water advisory can ONLY be lifted by:

  • The Medical Officer of Health (MOH)