Keeping Your Child Safe

As a parent, you want to keep your child safe at all times. But injuries and other types of harm can and do happen to kids. The good news is that many harms are preventable if you know how to anticipate them and take steps to prevent them. The links below can help you keep your child safe.

Preventing Injuries

Infant safety at home
Playground safety
ATV safety
Halloween Safety

Car Seats and Booster Seats

Choosing the Right Car Seat
Car Seat Safety Services in Eastern Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Transportation (Tips and videos on car and booster seat installation)

Water Safety

Drowning prevention
Recreational water illnesses: Prevention and precaution

Poison Prevention

Poison prevention

Internet Safety, Cyber Bullying and Sexting

Get Cyber Safe – Protect Your Family
Digital Citizenship: Guide for Parents – Information for Parents
MediaSmarts – Digital and Media Literacy